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Conversational AI / NLP

Conversational AI is the technology that combines Natural Language Processing (NLP) with machine learing and can communicate naturally like humans with applications, websites, and devices beyond channels. This can help users more effectively to communicate and companies can grow customer loyalty successfully.

Chatbot Use Cases

Chatbot can be implemented across different industries and provide your customers with quick and easy automated services. Few noteworthy industry use cases are below,

Ecommerce Chatbot

Ecommerce chatbot enables customers to buy products through chatbot conversation anywhere and anytime. Customers can browse products, make orders & send shipping.

Hotel Booking Chatbot

Hotel booking chatbot assist people to search hotels and make reservations. Chatbots can strengthen the communication with guests before, during and after their stay.

Healthcare Chatbot

Embedding the chatbot can improve the ability of booking appointments. It provide commensurate help to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Ticket Booking Chatbot

Ticket booking chatbot designed to increase digital traveller's experience and enabling customers end-to-end reservation process through chatbots.

Food Ordering Chatbot

Food ordering chatbot can interact with customers to make reservations, ordering food, menu & pricing. Get feedback for the restaurants to improve the quality and to make the customer service better.

News Chatbot

News Chatbot can send personalized breaking news alerts, live sports scores, tours and events information, market statistics.

Finance Chatbot

Chatbot for Financial services lead generation, Insurance, Banking Customer Services. The chatbots in the finance industry add significant value to the user experience and cost management budgets.

Custom ERP/CRM Chatbot

Chatbots can help your business scale more easily. CRM chatbots can automate and simplify data-entry, deliver data faster, enhance the user experience, improve adoption and focus more on selling.

Customer Support Chatbot

Customer Support Chatbot for all your business requirements like lead generation from websites, automate your enquires, schedule appointments.

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